Vinyl: Boz Scaggs “Hits!”


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Performer: Boz Scaggs
Album: Hits!

Company: CBS
Genre: Blue eyed soul / Soft rock
Year: 1980

Fact: What happened with that jacket and the cover art? It’s quite funny, ´cos the coverphoto looks more 1985 than 1980.

Info: Boz Scaggs has a wonderful blue eyed soul voice, somewhere between Van Morrison and Totos Bobby Kimball. Actually, Toto appears on the disco inspired song “Miss Sun” and cool outro vocal by Lisa Dal Bello. Toto appears as well on most songs on the album. Carlos Santana guests “You Can Have Me Anytime”

My rating: 5 of 6

Vinyl: Tom Clay “What The World Needs Now Is Love”

A good cover – seen…eh…drawn from a childs perspective
Had to include the backside of the LP, it´s a strong picture to illustrate the themes of the album!

Performer: Tom Clay
Album: What The World Needs Now Is Love

Company: MoWest(?)
Genre: Easy Listening, Spoken-word, Soul, Conceptalbum
Year: 1971

Fact: Tom Clay was a Radio Disc-jockey, who created this album as a social commentary. The Record includes speeches by John F. Kennedy, radio snippets, Martin Luther King, news samples and more.

Info: Songs used throughout the album includes, Marvin Gayes “What´s Goin´ On”, Burt Bacharach “That The World Needs Now”, Jimmy Webbs “MacArthur Park”, Joni Mitchells “Both Sides Now”, Simon & Garfunkels “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to mention a few! All songs performed by session musicians.

Listen to some of the tracks off the album on these YouTube links!

My rating: 5 of 6