Ed Sheerans “I see fire!” – I see a classic

What a positive surprise! What a great song! What a future classic!

Ed Sheeran has a brand new song on the soundtrack to the latest part of Peter Jackson novel-goes-movie “The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug” called “I See Fire!” – which made me shout to myself  “I see a classic!”


For me Ed Sheerans debut album was this young ginger haired hobbit (sic) look-a-like who sings simple childish acoustic singer-songwriter / hip hop-light inspired songs about things like 80s TV-smash action comedy “A Team”, the joy of playing with Lego in…uh…”Lego House”.
While the other half of the album has titles “the king of one night stands” would love to have as his soundtrack, hence the song titles: “Wake Me Up”, “The City” “Drunk”, “Kiss Me”, “Give Me Love” and while sneaking out the next morning while whistling “You Need Me, I Don´t Need You”. You may arrest me here, because I haven´t heard the album in full – just some songs here and there and I haven´t give the lyrics too much thought.

Even the album cover scared me shitless! I had seen that picture somewhere…than I remembered; it´s a freakin´ rip-off of the movie poster to the movie “Dahmer” about real-life American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer!

Sheeran Dahmer

Where they aware of this when they made the album sleeve to Ed Sheerans self titled debut?

So what about “I See Fire” then? Why is this a future classic!
First, what has happened with his voice! It´s deeper, and way more adult sounding then I´ve ever heard before. The a capella intro with Eds voice on top and falsetto (multitrack?) vocal backups gives the song a celtic folk start, until the acoustic guitars starts. Strings and bass comes inn midway through the song. Then the refrain comes, and Ed lets his voice carry the song. It builds and builds into a really soulful nu-retro modern power ballad that ends with a full gospel choir! Amazing and it gives you goosebumps, unless your heartless!

Check the YouTube video to “I See Fire” here; 

Could Ed Sheerans “I See Fire” be the big ballad of 2014?
The one that can compete with Miley Cyrus massive ballad “Wreckingball”?