The short story of my last cassette!

The girls in the second-hand record shop

Here I am flickering through the old records, that smells like a filthy mix of sweat and beer, in the cheapest bargain box. I always find some hidden gems in those boxes. Another mans shit – is another mans gold!

Some odd indie-punk playing in the background a bit to loud, a scratchy LP on an old vintage vinyl player behind the counter!

Suddenly two girls come in, I see them in my rear view over my shoulder. They stroll around the counter, wait in the background, and they look a bit excited almost nervous, mean while I check out an old red wine and tobacco smelly Eagles record with a sticky album sleeve.


Then all of a sudden one of the girls goes over to the counter and asks the record dealer if they sell tapes or cassettes in the shop. The man with the dirty shirt behind the counter smiles, looks – a bit cocky – at the elder guys standing behind the girls, and seems a bit surprised. Then he replies something like, sorry – but you´ll find thousands of used LPs and CDs here, but no tapes. The girls shake their shoulders disappointed and heads for the door and out in the hot summer streets again.

When they’re out of the door the elder guys asks the record dealer if tapes and cassettes has become hip and cool again, since the girls asked for them. Then they laugh as only elder men can, while the record dealer smiles back at them and just let the question hang in the air, for never to be answered…

The girls asking the question has to be like 17-18 years. Being of that age – I guess they were not even born when tapes faded out of the record store shelves and into great big nothing.

Thinking of the girls never having the hassle of rewind or forward the tape and flipping over the tape when it’s ended. Pushing the hard play button on the tape deck. Hearing the tape hiss and flat sound, or trying to remove the hiss by pushing the Dolby B button – that actually made the music sound even more like it was being played under a blanket or three.

Two girls that probably never have had the joy or rewind the tapes manually with a pencil – because the tape has been chewed up by the tape deck the 7th that day time because the tape is so thin – after being played numerous times – you can look through the tape.

And now they’re here this day asking for something I used for years before they were born…and had erased out of my memory!

The last tape…
Hearing the girls question, I got kinda chills and my memory flashed back to the one old tape I have left.

Because I have gotten rid of all my tapes. Thrown them into the trash years back – because all they did was gathering dust. But I have one tape left, and only this single tape. The plastic cover and inlay has been lost for years, so it´s just the tape I have left.

When it comes to this tape – I don’t have the heart to get rid of it, so I have it stored. It got stopped some years back in the middle of a song…I wonder what song…What song was being played the day it got ejected out of my cassette player. Was it being played on side A or side B – was it in the middle of a song, or was it waiting for a new song, What song was being played that day – that stopped the time many years back – and is never going to be played again.

The tape is and has been my statement and a treasured hidden gem I can’t get rid of!

The tape is the last official and original recording of one of the hugest artists the world has ever seen. It’s a symbolic memory – my last cassette – is the last recording and probably one of the greatest albums Elvis Presley released just short time before he died. His swan song the 1977 album “Moody Blue” and now it just hangs there gathering dust – on a rusty nail in my garage – and know it will never ever be played again!…

Do you still own and play your tapes
Or have you also just memories of them?
Stored somewhere
I time?