Elvis Bieber vs Justin Presley

Is pop hero Justin Bieber copying the style of rock legend Elvis Presley?

I noticed the Bieber style-change around the time he released his second album “Believe”. The pictures he used on the album and EPs plus the promo pictures. And the more I look – the more I came to think about how much he rips-off the style of the rock legend.

I had to check out if I was turning crazy or if my thoughts about if Justin Bieber borrowing Elvis Presley´s style was true.

Elvis justin I

An hour plus of Googling, finding the right pictures and then a half-hour plus of putting together some photo collages in the app PicFrame – and here´s the result.

I mean there is more than a little likeness between Elvis and Justin here – what do you think?
I find it quite cool to see the latest years biggest teenage crush, daring to borrow and find inspiration from the biggest teenage crush – and later biggest rock star in the world – of the 50s, 60s and 70s. It´s quite fascinating. A young man not even 20 years old – finding inspiration from a man, that was born almost 60 years before and died almost 20 years before he (Justin) was born!

Here´s Justin Bieber vs Elvis Presley – or – Elvis Bieber vs Justin Presley if you like?


Do you think Justin Bieber is copying Elvis Presley?
Is Justin a look-a-like or a rip-off of Elvis´style?

Give me your feedback – do you see the likeness?
Name your favorite picture!