Prince, Larry Graham and Raphael Saadiq

News about Prince – is always important – so here you go!

Funk legend Larry Graham releases a new album the 25th of September. The album is called “Rise Up” and features a guest appearance by his long time friend Prince and Raphael Saadiq. The last album was “GCS2000” and was recorded on Princes NPG Records label

My weak spot when it comes to Larry Grahams is the classic album by his band Graham Central Station “Mirror”

You can listen to Graham Central Station “Mirror” here!

“Mirror” is a funky album full of Larry Grahams legendary slap bass playing. The funk, disco, ballads, and a mix of everything cool! The album “Mirror” is also full of references to the bible and Jehovah Witness – a religion Prince also has been a huge part of his life the last years!

This blogpost is not about religious views, but about music. About great music and two legends working together. Because Prince, according to the rumors, who has decided not to record any more albums before music piracy is under control, is back in on album, but only as guest artist, on Larry Grahams upcoming album. According to the No Treble webpage Prince will be playing drums, keyboards and vocals og three of the albums 13 songs, which consists 3 remade Graham Central Station classics and 10 new Larry Graham tracks.

Prince will be doing his stuff on the title track “Rise Up”, “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” and “Movin´” – Raphael Saadiq joins in on the albums last track “One Day”

The webpage calls the album “Rise Up” almost a concept album full of songs of “hope, encouragement and calls to action”

I become so happy to see that Prince is actually playing on an album again, and hope he decide to make a albums of his own soon! Feel free to tip me if you heard any rumors?