John Mayers’ new album and surprising duet partners!

A brand new John Mayer record is just around the corner, and it´s called “Paradise Valley”.


What´s making his forthcoming album “Paradise Valley” even more interesting is his duet partners this time.

He has previously had duet partners like former girlfriend Taylor Swift (actually one line) in the song “Half Of My Heart” from “Battle Studdies” album, David Crosby and Grahamn Nash on “Queen of California” and “Born and Raised” (actually backing vocals) from the album with the same name as the latter.


This time he features two very different artists – both great vocalists in their genre – so I´ll look forward to hear what they both come up with, since none of them are normally categorized under the singer-songwriter/americana/blue-eyed soul sound John Mayer has made his trademark sound.

…And the duettpartners are;
Katy Perry and Frank Ocean!  

The pop starlet Katy Perry is visiting sixth track “Who You Love”

And second duet partner, soul artist, Frank Ocean guests on song 8th, a track called “Wildfire”.


Now thats two good reasons to even look more forward to the forthcoming John Mayer album “Paradise Valley”. The album by the way is said to follow the similar sound as the former album “Born And Raised”!

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The album “Paradise Valley” will be released

in september in Europe and August in the US

Finally! Frank Ocean “Channel Orange”

I was so looking forward to R. Kellys new album “Write Me Back”! And then comes the long awaited “Channel Orange” Frank Ocean all of a sudden out on iTunes (nordic).


You can download Frank Oceans “Channel Orange” from iTunes (nordic) by clicking this link!

I knew Frank Oceans debut was supposed to come out in the stores the 17th of july – but a random search on iTunes today and there it was – one whole week before I was expecting it!

I got freaking goosebumbs all over – because this was a album I was really looking forward too! It took me two seconds to hit the buy button. A few short minutes later I had it in my hand – or more correctly in my iTunes account!

Hit the PLAY button and as I knew – because I had the “Nostalgia Ultra” already – a album I really loved. The mixtape has already been played to death, if it was a real cassette mixtape – But thank God it was also digital download and it still sounds as fresh as it did the first time I heard it about a (long) year ago!

I write this blogpost as i listen to the album – have now listened to less than the half album – track 7 of 17 – and I can already say – R. Kellys made a great album – but Frank Ocean has made the soul album everyone should own! His voice is as amazing as ever, and the album has classic album written all over.

The album includes, just like the legendary mixtape, interludes and sound bits – samples and sounds like a concept piece. His voice I sounds like a mix of Stevie Wonder, Prince, the earlier mentioned R. Kelly, Al Green – but most of all – Frank Ocean! Soulful, laid-back, smooth, funky! And while writing this, when coming to track 9 “Crack Rock” a drum sample from Jimi Hendrix “Little Miss Lover” appears. A track that has also been sampled uncredited by Prince on his “Graffiti Bridge” album track “Tick, Tick, Bang” (this was released before they had to credit the samples I guess). Another Prince reference!

The 10th track – the first official single off the album, the track “Pyramids” a 9 minute 3 part epic song. The second track on the album “Thinking About You” has been released on youtube, featuring first song Frank Ocean sings in falsetto and his voice is really smooth and fluid.

On the 11th track even John Mayer does and appearance on guitar. A track called “White” and it´s a little piece on only 1:16 minute, other guests is Andre 3000 of OutKast fame, Pharell Williams of the Neptunes and N.E.R.D, Earl Sweatshirt from Frank Oceans crew The Odd Future Crew, and Tyler The Creator , Lala Hathaway (Daughter of late soul legend Donny Hathaway).

Samples used on the album is Mary J. Bliges “Real Love” is sampled and replayed and a sample from “Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas” and audio clips from “The Last Dragon”, and other samples.

I don´t think there is more I can say about this album exept It is not being released many albums of this really great quality! A full complete album that should be listened to from start to end!

I have heard the full album and can only say one thing; If you prefer digital downloads as i.e. iTunes, or the real thing such as CDs or on Vinyl (hope it comes in that format)

You should own it! I repeat YOU SHOULD OWN THIS!

Frank Ocean "Channel Orange" 7/17/12


Frank Oceans official debut album, named “Channel Orange” to be released the 17th of July 2012.


On his official homepage (tumblr btw!) you can see the front and back cover

It can contains as you can see – it´s first single “Pyramids” and the earlier released “Thinking About You”.

Guests include (for me, until now, unknown) Earl Sweatshirt fra Odd Future crewet som også Frank Ocean er en del av, the fabulous John Mayer and André 3000 from OutKast.

Have you checked out Frank Oceans unofficial debutalbum, the classic mix tape “Nostalgia, Ultra”, you can read more about it here – or download it for free on the datpiff mixtape page!


Jem Warren vs John Mayer

It’s maybe like av battle between David vs Goliath this small fight between the debutant Jem Warren vs the established artist that is John Mayer

Jem Warren vs John Mayer
Lets get ready to rumble!
Play album in Spotify by clicking the cover!
Play album in Spotify by clicking cover!
It may be unfair but hey! It’s just for fun.

They both released their records within a couple of weeks. John Mayer releases his 5th studio album “Born & Raised” and Jem Warren released his debut album “Heart Knows How”
The cool thing is that both artist have a quite similar genre mix; Americana, folk – with a large dash of singer-songwriter. So there is some likeness there.

They both sounded like they have the time of their life in the studio.

Jem Warren has released as mentioned earlier – his first album – and this has become a really great record, full of fabulous writing and real songwriting – all songs and lyrics by Jem himself! This has to be one of this years strongest debut-album. Give the album time – and it´ll stick like glue. I´ll never tire of the album – even if I’m listening to it time after time – even several plays per day!

This album should be a real door opener for Jems future!
I really hope people open their eyes and give him a spin or two…Do you hear radio stations?

The last album om John Mayer is probably his best ever. The man seems to be a source of non-stop writing potential singles. Not one song of the album sound out of place! It´s really fabolous!
John has had a mighty trilogy with the album “Continuum” – made his most pop and AOR album in “Battle Studies”, and comes back with av bomb of a album with “Born & Raised”

Even is both Jem and John have their own voices and their own sound – these two albums can be played back-to-back without it feeling wierd or out of place! To really high quality albums you should check out!

Jem Warrens “Heart Knows How” vs John Mayer “Born & Raised” 
Since both albums is really good in their own way – this battle ends with no losers, only two winners!