You´ll remember Jarryd James!


This is pure beauty, the song and video to Jarryd James single “Do you remember”. Take note of the lush production, the smooth falsetto. This is a musical talent worth following an checking out!

Here´s a taster – the musicvideo “Do You Remember” by Jarryd James!

To be honest, I´ll be mighty surprised if you don´t remeber that name after hearing and seeing this beautiful track and it´s video!

Make sure to follow Jarryd James on Facebook and Twitter you can also hear him on Soundcloud. If you like photos, make sure you add Jarryd James to your Instagram

Happy Listening!

Believe the hype! You gotta love KYGO…

The much hyped club/electronica/dance/pop artist KYGO is one of this years hottest names in pop music – worldwide!

You think you still haven´t heard KYGO?  I think you have…you just don´t know it yet!



Who is KYGO

  • KYGO is without doubt one on the hottest names in dance/club music these days – worldwide!
  • Behind the name hides Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl, age 22 years old
  • He´s from Bergen in Norway. One of the of the cities that has spawned some of the best musicians Norway has to offer!
  • He was a bedroom DJ – in the words right meaning, specializing in making remixes of current hits, from his home where he lives with his parents

KYGO in Social media

  • He has used SoundCloud and YouTube to make his name the biggest this years household name!
  • The numbers; the 22. may 2014  had 47 million streams on SoundCloud, and 70 million views on YouTube. Over 300K following him on Facebook
  • On Twitter he´s got 11K followers.

It makes you wonder – where would KYGO be without social media?


The Sound of KYGO

  • Almost all songs/remixes run the same bpm; Around 100 bpm,
  • Pop beats/soft-club, and his trademark piano playing which sounds mostly like a cross between a flute and a xylophone, lush keyboard sounds.
  • Dry production. Smooth, cool, pop production but still very much danceable, and kinda sexy.
  • KYGO music works just as good in a café, restaurant, a shopping centre, on your morning jogging, or listening to while chilling in the garden, or in the clubs at night

As soon as you discover the world of KYGO and his songs, you’ll find he´s allready got his trademark sound.

The influences and becoming KYGO

  • Aviici was and still is a huge influence of KYGO.
  • The Swedish Superstar DJ and producer, , Aviici, made the Norwegian bedroom DJ wanna start playing the piano again (he did practice piano at young age)
  • KYGO bought a music program for his computer
  • He used YouTube to learn playing his new inventions, the music program and the mini-piano/sampler
  • He started making his own music. Slowly building his own career.

Fun fact!

Chris Martin of Coldplay personally contacted KYGO to remix one of their new tracks “Midnight” off their brand new album. KYGOs idol Aviici wrote, worked on and produced, a track  that ended up on Coldplays album. The Coldplay track “Midnight” (Kygo remix) has even been played on English super DJ Pete Tongs radio show on BBC Radio 1.


The future of Kygo

  • Billboard magazine loves KYGO; In May 2014 influential magazine Billboard gave KYGO the top spot on their “Uncharted” list   “a chart of new and developing artists who have yet to appear on a major Billboard chart” the 17th of may.
  • KYGO is still unsigned.
  • Many record companies wants to have a piece of KYGO.
  • He still hasn’t decided where he would end up.
  • He debuted on a live scene in Paris, and is playing festivals in Norway + in the USA in this summer

Fun fact:
KYGO has released one single on Aviichis record company Ensis Records after being headhunted by the company.

Where can you find the music of KYGO?

  • As aforementioned SoundCloud has lots of tracks for streaming and you can even download a bunch of them
  • Listen to his songs on YouTube
  • Like his Facebook page, and you´ll get a couple of handfuls of tracks for free
  • Buy some tracks on iTunes
  • See him live!
  • Last but not least. Make sure you´ll check out and download this KYGO DJ-set from BBCs Diplo & Friends. The mix includes a bunch of toptunes of today – even KYGOs own remixes and classics plus a few unexpected surprises and todays monster hits; What about Pharell, Ed Sheeran, TLC, Marvin Gaye, Gnarls Barkley and 90s one hit wonder Londonbeat to mention a few…

See the whole playlist and download the whole thing from SoundCloud HERE!

1. Pharrell Williams – Happy (Neus Remix)
2. Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)
3. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)
4. TLC – Waterfalls (Bixel Boys Remix)
5. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Thomas Jack Remix)
6. Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (TEEMID & Joie Tan Cover)
7. ZZ Ward – 365 Days (Jerry Folk Remix)
8. Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking About You (Dilemmachine Remix)
9. Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine (Kygo Remix)
10. Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)
11. The Knocks – Comfortable (Oliver Nelson Remix) (feat. X Ambassadors)
12. Else – Her Movie
13. Seinabo Sey – Younger (Kygo Remix)


Discovering the magic of KYGO or how I became a fan!

I was probably hearing his music almost everywhere this spring, even more often than I´ll know myself; All day on the radio, in the que while buying a damn fine cup of coffee, in cars rushing by, at the mall
And his sounds slowly but surely struck me, the warm sound followed me from early spring and to blooming summer. I was hooked, and was letting the smooth club sounds of KYGO fill my ears while the first rays of summer lick my skin on the terrace and while doing my doze of daily work. Before I knew it the sound of KYGO had become my soundtrack of 2014!

Fun fact! 
I got so disappointed the first time I tried to listened to KYGO, and downloaded 4 free songs and felt I listened to 4 pieces of “Coco Jambo”  by Mr President – and decided his music wasn´t worth a blog post – but as you can see and have just read…I changed my mind 😉

Do you wanna check out if KYGO is your becoming a part of your playlist of 2014?

Make sure you check out the free music, buy the singles, download the DJ-set
I´ll bet you, have this summers biggest and smoothest soundtrack!

Oh! This is a soul record by Allen Stone!

2011/2012 was the year James Morrison got his big breakthrough – and he is now having a well-earned break.  Therefore it´s time to look and listen to a brand new talent! 

His name is Allen Stone, and this is going the year he and his music reaches out to the big masses. Allen Stone is one of these white american soul singers – that stick to the classic formula with great success. Through his sound and voice I feel I can draw a line from classic artists like Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and to “new” white soul men like Jay K from Jamiroquai, Jamie Lidell, Robin Ticke and James Morrison.

2011.10.07: Allen Stone @ Wild Buffalo, Bellingham, WA
Photo by Jason Tang
2011.10.07: Allen Stone @ Wild Buffalo, Bellingham, WA
2011.10.07: Allen Stone @ Wild Buffalo, Bellingham, WA
Photo by Jason Tang

Allen Stone is a 25-year-old soul singer/song-writer from Washington, US. According to his Wikipedia profile – he has sung almost since he was born, and sung in church at the age of three. Church has been like his second home – and the place he developed his love for music. Soul music was discovered later on, when he became a teenager, and started collecting soul albums from the 60s and 70s. At 15 he discovered Stevie Wonders fantastic “Innervisions”. A classic soul album and a reference to his musical landscape.

But he decided to make music his living – after hearing his teenage friend, artists Stacie Orrico – and this is so good that I quote as is the Wikipedia article “She was traveling, singing everywhere, and recording,” Stone says, “She was just a year older than me and I was like, “Man that would be so much fun to do, sing and actually have people listen” (This quote is taken from an Erica Thompson interview with Allen Stone in Rolling Stone magazine October 2012)

61665_430948563033_4693280_nYou can even find Allen Stone on Facebook (This picture is from his FB profile)
If you´d like to twitter, you´ll find him at twitter/allen_stone

It´s tempting to do another quote, from the Rolling Stone article (link here) about what Allen Stones fans can expect from his second album “Allen Stone”; “Sonically, it’s a soul record” and continues “But it’s the music that I really love making. It’s not my attempt to cover all this soul music, it’s just really to fit in there and play the music that I love” and he ends it like this “People will listen to it and be like; Oh, this is a soul record”.

According to the Rolling Stone interview Allen Stone is working with Raphael Saadiqs backing band and one of the late jazz legend Miles Davis keyboard players. The album is being recorder with producer Lior Goldenberg from L.A who has also worked with big name artist like Macy Gray, Sheryl Crow,  and son of late reggae legend Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley!It must be so cool to work with big names like that – and that is only on the second album.

It makes me wonder; Whats next for Allen Stone?


Back in 2009 he self-released his debut “Last To Speak” on his own label StickyStones records. His first album is a really soulful offering – containing 11 soulful singer/songwriter songs performed with mostly acoustic instruments and his fantastic voice – and he´s handling the guitar himself. I feel the album is representative with his self-confessed hippie with soul (link to Wikipedia) image and sound.

Allen Stones, new and second album – the self titled album “Allen Stone” – is ready for release at the end of february – and is already possible to pre-order in iTunes (which i off course have done). The original release of the album was back in 2011 – but it´s not available on iTunes until now in February. He has  already released the “Allen Stone EP” – a mini-album containing 4 tracks.

You can hear Allen Stones second and self titled album here on Spotify – when it´s released

Since the only thing I have heard from Allen Stones upcoming album is his “Allen Stone EP” – I can’t tell too much about how his second album is going to sound, but if the EP is representative for that – it seems like the upcoming album is a bit more produced this time, more groovy – more classic sounding – and without taking off the loose feeling of his debut album.

The title of his debut album and last song on the same album is called “Last To Speak”. It´s tempting to use this as the final sentence of this blog post about the talented Allen Stone and answer it with “Ok, so you may be the last to speak – but make sure you’re not this is the last you sing” Because this is only the start of the amazing career of Allen Stone.

We need artist like Allen Stone! 
I need artists like Allen Stone!