The Star man, David Bowie (R.I.P)


This is Read+Hear to David Bowie…

You´ve stepped through the door. Now you´re floating in the most peculiar way. The stars looks very different for us today

Now you are sitting in your tin can. Far above the world. Planet Earth is blue. And there’s nothing we can do

Though you´re already past one hundred thousand miles above. We´re feeling very lost. Even if your spaceship knows which way to go. You told your family you love them very much, they know!

Read+Hear to David Bowie; Even if there’s no more sound from you. We can hear you, dear Bowie. We can still feel you, David Bowie. We can hear you…as you´re floating in your tin can. Far above the moon. Planet earth is blue. And there’s nothing more we can do.


May God’s love be with you



Re-edit of the lyrics to the David Bowie song “Space Oddity” by Read+Hear