Just can´t quit listening to Anderson East

It has to be said; you got a gift if you sound like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and Joe Cocker and a young Rod Stewart plus a dash of Ryan Adams. Sometimes even in the same song.

Meet Anderson East, a soulful singer/songwriter from Athens, Alabama U.S. He got the gift!

Photo- Joshua Black Wilkins
Photo from the Anderson East Facebook page, photo by Joshua Black Wilkins (link)

Still Anderson East doesn’t rip-off the sound of the afore mentioned artists. On his major label debut “Delilah” he proves to the listener that he is the real deal. An artist and album filled with funk, soul, doo-woop, and country ballads, yes country ballads! And it sounds and feels authentic from start to the end. Out of your speakers pours music that blurs out the line between the genres. There’s even a raw blaxploitation feel here and there with  wah-wah guitar and horn stabs. He can be funky as hell in one song and sounds heartbroken to tears the next! Add a soulful female choir to lift a handful of the songs and you got just the right vibes.

It’s impressing how easy Anderson East switch between raw soul and country inspired ballads. His voice is the impressing and essential tool on the album. The the albums production is beautiful done by Dave Cobb.

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If we should sum up the sound of Anderson East to one genre it’s got to be progressive soul. A genre with stylistic orgins in Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Doo Wop and soul. Spice it up with some country and Americana and you´ve got the sound of “Delilah”. A record you just can’t quit listening to!