Here you´ll find playlists from the artists in this music blog.

All playlists are made in the Spotify streaming service

The playlists are sorted alphabetically by the artists first name. The blogpost and then the playlist in bold link

Jem Warren The Roots of Jem Warren Playlist!

Jem Warren/John Mayer Playlist!

Kendra Morris Playlist!

Tom Jones Playlist!

3 thoughts on “Playlists

    1. Hello! Thank you for your question.
      I made the “Playlists in Spotify” as a new page (I’m not sure if you can add pagest to your wordpress theme).

      To add a playlist, if you have made one in Spotify – find the playlist in your Spotify list – rightclick the playlist and choose “Copy HTTP link”. Then paste the link anywhere you want in your blogpage by highlight the text where you want it – and use the insert/add link option in wordpress (add your already copied Spotify link)… thats it!

      Was that understandable at all? 🙂


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