Don´t believe the hype; Prince is back on the throne!


I did believe the hype! I bought the promo work that had been done for months before the release of the latest Prince album “HITnRUN” Everywhere you could read that the album was to be released exclusively on streaming service, the Jay Z owned Tidal. Some one at the PR-company of Tidal must have had the best laugh in their life. Exclusively on Tidal – sorry to say so – that’s bull…. and we bought and sadly still buys the hype!


Lets clear things up. The album HITnRUN was exclusively releases as Tidal-only release the 7th of september. Price latest album was released exclusively on Tidal for one week. I repeat for one week only! Exactly a week later, the 14th of september, the album HITnRUN was released on iTunes Store, where you could support the artist – and actually buy the version, instead of streaming only – and download it on you Apple product or PC. The album was released on CD the 15th of September. Probably vinyl also. The album is not possible to stream on Apple Music. As soon as I discovered the album was on iTunes I bought the album – and freaking love it!

The Tidal deal has made Prince releases all his albums on Tidal, including albums previous only available on his NPG Music Club. Albums that has only had a few listeners – can now be streamed exclusively on Tidal. It´s off course a fab way to release much sought after albums, and albums that has for long time been bootlegged (if you did not purchase the album through NPG Music Club back in the day). It’s fabulous to see all albums lined up. Every single album lined up on one place. That´s 36 albums buy the worlds biggest artist!

Spotify has no Prince albums. Itunes Store has “HITnRUN”, ART OFFICIAL AGE, PLECTRUMELECTRUM, and some of his ’00 albums, some of his ’90s albums, and all of his ’80 and ’70s albums in its catalogue. The winner his is without doubt Tidal!

To sum up this part; Prince “HITnRUN” is NOT only available on Tidal. You CAN purchase it on iTunes, you CAN purchase the physical copies. You can listen to the album (almost) wherever you like

PS! I do not have Tidal myself just to have every single album by Prince in one place, but have Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions + I own every album released physically up to “20TEN” on CD, and Vinyl. The three latest Prince releases have been bought on iTunes! 



So how does “HITnRUN” sound? The album sounds like a Prince album pimped up with todays sounds. It’s unmistakingly a Prince album, even though he has co-production on the album by Joshua Welton. Josh Welton did also co-produce the Art Official Age album. For a long time Prince fan it made my jaw drop to the floor. Prince – gets production help – what happened! Actually not much, Josh has without doubt the musical legacy of Prince in his blood. It sounds unmistakably like a Prince record – with hints of ’90s and ’00 house and club music. The help from Joshua Welton has spawned very much attention – and some roll the dice and gives the album a 1 – others give it a 6, on the other side the Prince albums of the ’90s and early ’00s has been getting mixed reviews. It’s something we have learned to live with when it comes to Prince and his releases.

Being a Prince fan one may think that every record Prince release is pure gold and class. But no, there has been both misses and hits in his catalogue. In my Prince-loving heart it has been 11 years since the release of a classic Prince album, Musicology. You may disagree with me, and that’s no problem for me! 

Prince steals from his own catalogue; Where and what is up to the listener to find out my findings is My Name Is Prince, Get On The Boat, Screams of Passion, Papa, 80s Prince, 90s Prince, ’70s prince. He borrows from modern soul stars like Miguel, Justin Timerlake, Pharrell, Dornik, D’angelo who again has Prince as their musical muse. 90s house, 70s disco, Dubstep  Prince tweaks his own voice, auto tune – but he is doing it with class and style, and not letting it take over the sounds every one knows as Prince. An all female league guests the album Lianne La Havas, Judith Hill, Rita Ora and Curly Fryz!

Thanks to Josh Welton Prince dares to flirt and spice up his unmistakably Princesque production. HITnRUN sounds like an album prince has been working to release the last 10 years. From 3121, Planet Earth, LotusFlow3r / MPLSound, 20Ten, Plectrumelectrum and to Art Official Age – if you rip those albums apart bit by bit, and put them carefully together again as one album – you’ll get HITnRUN! Princes latest album is the sound of Prince having fun!


Prince sum up his HITnRUN best on the intro to the first track, were he samples his own For You, 1999 and Let’s Go Crazy;

All of this and more is for you…
Don’t worry I won’t hurt you I only want you to have some fun…
Dearly beloved we´re gathered here today to this thing called…

D’angelo the “Black Messiah” is back!

The greatest comeback of 2014
It took D’angelo 14 years of silence, between “Voodoo” released 2000 and his latest release “Black Messiah”, rush releases in December 2014, actually it almost passed us by. The album was rush released without any huge PR campaign, no big boards, no social media leaks. It´s just here in yer face, right here – right now – and it´s a helluva great comeback – a classic album from day one!

It´s the first to be credited to D’angelo And The Vanguards. His new band, and what a band!

DAngelo-Black-Messiah“Black Messiah” sounds like a continuation of “Voodoo” taken 14 years into the future, without loosing it’s inspiration from the big ones from the past. “Black Messiah” shows the path into the future of nu-neo-soul. This is DEEP SOUL!

As earlier releases by D’angelo the shadow of Prince is found all over the album, but on the “Black Messiah” album we also get a large slice of George Clintons psyched out space funk. Guitars ripped off Ernie Isley of the Isley Brothers and Eddie Hazel, even Jimi Hendrix here and there. The funk of Sly Stone, the political soul of Marvin Gaye and the political lyrics and falsetto of Curtis Mayfield. And we’re not forgetting Prince, because this album has also a track, just like “Voodoo”, that is more Prince than Prince has been the last years. «Another Life» is this years «Untitled (How Does It Feel)» both tracks is some of the best tracks Prince has never written, the track you have to double-check the liner notes twice a day!

D’angelos third album is embracing a huge handful of genres but is without doubt a soul album that’s instant funky,  dry like the deserts of Sahara and sweat like a long hot summers night at the same time, groovy as hell, smooth like butter, juicy jazzy, latin and sitar flirting rock and gospel bomb; Sometimes all at the same time!

The return of D’angelo
D’Angelo has had some tough years, his much written a about weight problem, his problem with coping with his own  success and his almost fatal car crash while on drugs, that almost killed him!

Musically Frank Ocean has almost been there on the fantastsit “Orange”, Beyonce has dipped her toes in the same eksperimental water with her self titled latest album, Miguel almost made it, Prince and his 3rd Eye Girl has tried, and revitalised the sound of Prince! But It’s cool to see how D’angelo collects all the loose threads from the aforementioned to create his third album. With “Black Messiah” does D’andelog dare to show his music colleagues how real soul should be done in 2014. The album and sound of “Black Messiah” will be a blueprint for how soul should sound in the future, without loosing it’s roots in the past!

dangelo-reveals-black-messiah-tracklist-and-meaning-behind-album-nameThe albums mighty production sounds 50% improvised and 50% produced. Everything sounds right. It’s a living proof that there is still place for the sound of D’angelo in a world were we questions the future of the album – and physical formats. This is album music, as album music should be released and listened to – at a whole, as a story, as a part of history – from first track – untill the finnished last track!

With their deep soul album «Black Messisah» shows D’angelo And The Vanguards that they live up to the album’s title as a saviour of soul music and that the long wait was worth it!

All of a sudden 14 years didn´t sound so long time ago. What perfect way to end the year!


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Q&A: Introducing Indie Soul by AHI

Ever heard about the musical genre indie soul. It´s a musical genre put together of the word independent and soul. Soul music released on a small record company – or released independently without any major recording company backing.

Indie Soul is also the title of the second EP by acoustic soul artist AHI. If any artist should own the title it´s the raspy voiced Afro-American singer and acoustic guitarist, who hides is full name behind the initials AHI, which has become his artist name.

AHIs characteristic, and recognisable raspy and soulful voice and his lyrics and melodies brings to mind thoughts like: What if Bobby Womack was a folk singer and Bob Dylan crossed paths with Led Zeppelin who lets Gil Scott Heron write the texts and letting John Martyn do the singing.

AHI_Day3_Head_Hand On Head
AHI has recorded two great EPs, his selftitled Ahi – EP back in october 2012 and now in february 2014 a brand new EP, the Indie Soul – EP! Both EPs contains 5 songs each, and that’s closely about 40 minutes of, what I would call raw indie soul from an exciting artist more people should get to know.

It´s time to get to know AHI a little better, so read on for the Read & Hear Q/A interview;

If you ask me, never has a genre fitted better than your self-proclaimed Indie Soul genre. I’m tempted to even push it a bit further and call it Raw Indie Soul, because you have a raspy soulful raw voice and a sound that really IS that genre.
What’s the story behind your sound? Describe the genre to some one who has never heard your music before?

As a musician in a sea of music it’s important to find something genuine about yourself that stands out and to identify that to your listener, and I would say that for me it’s probably my raspy, passionate voice.
When I was in London, UK, last summer it just hit me: “Indie Soul”. That’s what I should call my music because I’m influenced by the Indie song structure, melody and writing style, and I’m also heavily influenced by the feel and emotion of soul music. Also, I consider myself an independent soul, a man of my own heart. Indie Soul is just one of those things that people who appreciate my music will understand right away.

I think I hear bits of classing political singer-songwriters and wish to draw a line between your sound and Bob Dylan, Gil Scott Heron, Richie Havens and John Martyn even a dash of Led Zeppelin. You may have other references than me, so here’s your chance to share it with the readers.
Where do you find your musical inspiration; Which artists or bands made you wanna pick up a guitar and choose music as your life journey?

My top three of all time, in no particular order, are Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson. All three of these musicians have touched on socio-political topics. Then you’ve got Sam Cooke, “A Change Is Gonna Come”; Marvin Gaye, “What’s Going On”; Nina Simone, “Mississippi Goddamn”; Curtis Mayfield, “People Get Ready”; Billie Holiday, “Strange Fruit”; and the list goes on. It’s embedded in black musical tradition. I started looking at Richie Havens and Bob Dylan a bit later, when people started comparing me to them. All this stuff comes from the blues, though, and that was the first music I really fell in love with. B.B. King is probably the most subconscious influence in my music career; “The Thrill Is Gone” – who writes like that anymore?

As for picking up the guitar, that just happened. I never wanted to play it, but I was in band that disbanded and the acoustic guitar seemed like the easiest tool to help me continue writing music. But I would have to give credit to local artists like K-os and Murray A. Lightburn (The Dears) for making black males with guitars seem commonplace. Where I’m from it wasn’t commonplace, but I was none the wiser because of them.

I’m getting curious about your name, AHI – it´s always written in capital letters
Is this your real name, or is it short for something. What’s the story?

A-H-I is the initials of my name, but it’s also a Hebrew word when read, which means “brother” or “kindred”. I’d like to believe that my music is brotherly, so for me the name fits.


Everyone seems to be able to make and release music in their own living room these days, and everyone can, or has to give away or share all music for “free” or a small amount of money through streaming services like Spotify and to name a few services
How is it to try to break through in the music business today and live out of making music?

It’s chaos and destruction, total anarchy! Ha ha.

Nah, I think it’s cool. For better or for worse, musicians are able to make the most uncompromising music ever. As a result, there are a handful of courageous musicians doing some phenomenal things today. If you can capture your friends, then you’re good go. Otherwise it’s only getting tougher.

Being a lover of all sorts of music myself, from singer-songwriter to metal, to soul to club and jazz – from nu-stuff to old analogue music. There’s always great music to listen to.
What sort of music do you love to groove to? And what is your preferred format to listen to?

I don’t look at the genre so much because I really can listen to anything; however, not a lot of music inspires me. A good melody, a good message and a unique delivery are what catch my attention.
I love watching live sessions, on YouTube or otherwise; they are so raw and stripped down, and you can really see who has something beyond the studio magic and tricks.

I read on the blog on your homepage, that a top UK House producer would love to work with you. Is this secret?
If not, could you give us a teaser about who would love to collaborate with you?

I wouldn’t call it a secret, but we are still in the writing stages of the project and he hasn’t begun talking about himself so it’s probably better not to say. He sent me some tracks and it was a challenge to really position myself in the House music environment, but I’m pretty excited about what we’re doing and I’m looking forward to the outcome.

AHI EPsHear previews and download the AHIs EPs here: “AHI – EP” (left) and “Indie Soul – EP” (right)

In the liner notes of your latest EP I read that you write, perform, and produce most of your music yourself.
Is it easy for you to make music? What is your secret trick?

I write and perform all the songs, but I do have to give a lot of credit to Orin Isaacs who produced my last two EPs. On the Indie Soul EP, I created demos and brought them to the studio and we built the songs together from those demos.

Making music is easy; it’s making good music, remarkable music, that’s the challenge. So it’s more of a discipline than a secret trick. You really gotta start with a good song in its simplest form and try to get it as close to your idea of perfection as possible while still allowing it to retain its simplicity. From there you build it piece by piece with caution. You never want to take away from the essence of a great song, which can easily be done.

The EPs is a teaser for a forthcoming album I would guess, is there a plan about releasing this in a short time?
Are you seeing how the EPs are selling before you choose to release a full album or if you have a release plan, when will it be available for your audience and fans?

Ideally the Indie Soul EP is a platform for a full-length album of the same title presenting Indie Soul to the world. I would like to do an LP, but it has to make sense not only economically but just all around.

And as for the final question – here it’s up to you to empty your heart.
Tell your fans at least 3 words about why 2014 is going to be a fantastic year?

The Indie Soul EP drops on Feb 11th, which is fantastic, and that’s just a teaser. I’m writing some powerful songs that I’m really proud of, songs that I as a music consumer would be thirsty for. And that has always been my aim, since I first started out.

2014 is the year AHI introduces Indie Soul to the people, and I think the people have been waiting to hear this kind of music.

AHI_Day3_Head_Reflection_Look Away
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The handsome saviour of epic-rock by Norway’s greatest voice!

Former Madrugada vocalist Sivert Høyems new single is out and it’s a epic soul/gospel/rock ballad called “Handsome Savior”

The song starts off as a slow ballad, with a naked hammon organ and Sivert Høyems fantastic vocal performance which sounds like equal parts Michael Stipe (former R.E.M.) and Nick Cave. It slowly builds. Drums,  guitar, and gospel inspired backing vocals kicks in.

Sivert Høyem has one of Norways strongest, greatest and most carateristic voices. A voice that carries any song he performs.

I you like the way Coldplays “Fix You”, R.E.Ms “Drive” or Blur´s “Tender” builds up to became this epic gospel inspired rock monster you gonna love “Handsome Savior”! It´s a future epic-rock-classic!

The rebirth of Beyonce

Sometimes a change in concept makes magic. «Beyoncé» the self titled brand new album release from the artist known as Beyoncé – was hush released without any pre-promo ahead of it’s release. The biggest surprise is that this release is her best album in her career so far.

Beyonce by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue March 2013_5

Beyoncé is laid back and her voice is cooler and more amazing than ever. I first heard this vocal change on her husband Jay-Zs latest album. It’s an adult album, full of sexual references – at times explicit without being pure porn ala Janet Jackson’s albums releases “All For You” and “Domita Jo”. On her new album Miss Beyoncé is experimenting and flirting with several genres, the music is eclectic flirting more with hip-hop than she has done earlier – a trick also the controversial Miley Cyrus did on her latest “Bangerz” album.


I bet Mr and Mrs Carter has boomed albums like Drake, Jay-Z, D’angelo, Prince,Miley and Ocean on their stereo before deciding the sound of her brand self titled 2013 album.

You can actually draw a line between Miss Janets «Velvet Rope”, to Miley Curys «Bangerz» to Beyoncé latest album. D’angelo around Voodoo and Prince lurks in the shadow, especially on the track «Rocket» which sounds just like a twin-sister or part II to D’angelos «Untitled» and the purple Prince´ bluesier soul moments like «Call My Name» or «The One», the song is really soothing and god damn sexy! Had to check the liner-notes both once and twice…to see if Prince is doing a guest appearance on the track (or is it a secret appearance by the Man? Maybe a payback for her guest appearance on «Purple Rain-medley» on 2004 the Grammy awards? Just speculating, or dreaming if you like!


The album production is close to Drake and Frank Ocean and she even sounds like she’s ripping off Miley Cyrus here and there, especially on the tracks where she raps. Yes, you read correctly – Miss B is even rapping on this album!
…She works on the album with song-writer extraordinaire Sia, Timbaland and Ryan Tedder. But the real gem here is the, until now, unknown producer Boots (take note of that name). His production skills is probably the best of the years since Mike Will Made It duties on Jay Z “Magna Carta Holy Grail” and Mileys «Bangerz». Boots, just like Mike Will, sings, produces, and plays a lot of the instruments used on his productions. 9 out of 14 tracks are produced by Boots.
Is Boots a pseudonym to Mike Will? Just speculating again.


I have mentioned both Drake and Frank Ocean earlier, as a possible musical influence, they both visits “Beyonce”. She also lets her hubby Sean Carter aka Jay-Z guest the album, no album without his participation these days and they even lets their little daughter Blue Ivy feature on the last track named «Blue» coincidencially? I don’t think so!

The album sleeve is all black, with just her name on it. Is this her “Black Album” back in 1988, and like Metallica did on their “Metallica” aka The Black Album, and is it a reference to the Beatles self titled album “The Beatles” aka the legendary «White Album»?

Click on the album cover to download the album through iTunes

By not including her self on the album sleeve, as she normally does, she makes a fresh start, she makes gives her album a bit of a mystique. A secret, just like the sudden not-promoted, just like whoooph there it is! And there it was! She somehow erase her own former musical concept and starts a new one!


Beyonces «Beyonce» is a game changer, a new start
The album is an up a modern affair, a grown up 2013 style, modern and funky – a coffee table album, the music answer to coffee table book, an album you would love to play to your friends, and will follow you and your life. I recommend it everyone around me ´cos this is a real grower of an album!

Ed Sheerans “I see fire!” – I see a classic

What a positive surprise! What a great song! What a future classic!

Ed Sheeran has a brand new song on the soundtrack to the latest part of Peter Jackson novel-goes-movie “The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug” called “I See Fire!” – which made me shout to myself  “I see a classic!”


For me Ed Sheerans debut album was this young ginger haired hobbit (sic) look-a-like who sings simple childish acoustic singer-songwriter / hip hop-light inspired songs about things like 80s TV-smash action comedy “A Team”, the joy of playing with Lego in…uh…”Lego House”.
While the other half of the album has titles “the king of one night stands” would love to have as his soundtrack, hence the song titles: “Wake Me Up”, “The City” “Drunk”, “Kiss Me”, “Give Me Love” and while sneaking out the next morning while whistling “You Need Me, I Don´t Need You”. You may arrest me here, because I haven´t heard the album in full – just some songs here and there and I haven´t give the lyrics too much thought.

Even the album cover scared me shitless! I had seen that picture somewhere…than I remembered; it´s a freakin´ rip-off of the movie poster to the movie “Dahmer” about real-life American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer!

Sheeran Dahmer

Where they aware of this when they made the album sleeve to Ed Sheerans self titled debut?

So what about “I See Fire” then? Why is this a future classic!
First, what has happened with his voice! It´s deeper, and way more adult sounding then I´ve ever heard before. The a capella intro with Eds voice on top and falsetto (multitrack?) vocal backups gives the song a celtic folk start, until the acoustic guitars starts. Strings and bass comes inn midway through the song. Then the refrain comes, and Ed lets his voice carry the song. It builds and builds into a really soulful nu-retro modern power ballad that ends with a full gospel choir! Amazing and it gives you goosebumps, unless your heartless!

Check the YouTube video to “I See Fire” here; 

Could Ed Sheerans “I See Fire” be the big ballad of 2014?
The one that can compete with Miley Cyrus massive ballad “Wreckingball”?

Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” is one damn addictive album!

Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” is her first album without a smell of Hanna Montana and taste of Disney. She has called her new album “Bangerz” – The album is a new start and her official “debut” album. She had also called it her hip-hop album, but you´ll also get so much more: “Bangerz” is a fab genre mixed eclectic affair, but has without doubt a big slice of hip hop as its main ingredient.

If you are looking for a teenage-pop album like Justin Biebers “Believe” or Selena GomezStars Dance” or an David Guetta inspired club-pumping, fill-the-dancefloor-hands-up-in-the-air affair, you come to the wrong place.

If you love albums like Fergies genre mixing “The Duchess“, Madonnas playful “Like A Prayer“, Drakes smooth “Take Care” and Stacy Barthes even smoother EPs, or Rihannas latest “Unapologetic” and Christina Aguileras jazzy blues-soul flirt “Back to Basics“, then “Bangerz is an album that should be stuck in your ears the coming months and years to come.


The Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” track-by-track album breakdown aka Why Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” is one damn fine album

Adore you, yes I do adore you Miley, and this song is a beautiful smooth album starter, the song is written by the fantastic Stacy Barthe, and it´s very similar to Barthes own sound, thank God! Miley’s voice is at it’s best on slow jams and ballads. The track is produced by the, for me, the unknown Yoel.

We can´t stop listening to the first single off the album – is the song everyone dare not say they love. It has had a lot of controversy for the line “Dancing with Miley” a line the press has turned into a “Dancing with Molly” – another term the drug MDMA. It’s like this; if you wanna find shit on Miley; you can make it up on the go. But listen to the lyrics and song again, it’s no doubt she is singing “Dancing with Miley”. With closer listen, this song could have fitted on a Rihanna album

SMS (Bangerz) is the first track to feature a guest singer: Britney Spears. Here you’ll hear Miley Cyrus rapping – as well as Britney. Miley sure ain’t no Jay-Z or Lil Wayne, and thank God she´s not trying to be either. It’s actually more talking than rapping. A big bonus is that she raps way better than Madonna did on her “American Life” title track. Fun note: The melody even flirts a bit with Salt´n´Peppas “Push It“!

4X4 is the biggest country flirting pop song on the album. It could have fitted perfect on Aviciis excellent “True” album. The super-producer Pharell delivers a masterclass mix of genres. 4X4 is a cool country-disco song with nice disco stabs here and there and latin guitar bits. Rapper Nelly guests the song sounds way cooler than he did in his “Hot In Herre” days. Madonna would have killed for this song!

My Darlin´ starts with Futures re-sung parts of the Ben E King classic “Stand By Me“, the whole thing sounds like cross between Drake and Stacy Barthe. The production: hip hop beats, string/synths, the lush production. Soothing soul music.

Wrecking Ball is the big ballad on the “Bangerz” album, the song that made Miley top the Billboard charts. Miley Cyrus purrs like Lana Del Ray on the verse, until the rock/dubstep chorus kicks in. Miley sings her heart out. Producer of the track is Cirkut who also has co-produced and co-written for the aforementioned Britney Spears, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Taylor Swift.

Love Money Party is every 20 somethings theme song. A hip hop melody and Miley Cyrus is once again rapping.  She´s in control here, where Nicky Minaj would screw up every song she does with her quirky rapping. Miley stays cool and in control throughout the whole track. Guest rapper Big Sean blends in as a spice to the song, instead of the rap part being something that screws up the song, like Jay-Zs verse in Justin Timberlakes “Suit & Tie” – that song without Jay-Z…pure bliss. But Justin (and Jay-Z) is forgiven when JT repays Jay-Z on the already classic “Holy Grail” single with his bluesy soulful guest vocal.


#GETITRIGHT the hashtag song 😉 A great pop melody, with whistle as part of the instruments, you could guess who produces this? It’s Pharells second production, and many of his trademarks can be found here, like great beats, dry rhythm guitar. A perfect summer strolling in the park song. The almost childish and naive melody, made me think of “Dear Jessie” by Madonna.

Drive is the rock alibi on the album. A breakup song? But it uses synths instead of guitars and quiet-angry singing, like she´s holding back. Cool filtered drums on intro and mid-part of the song. An almost a capella bridge with just drums and synths until it’s kickstarted again. The synths at the end made me hum Justin Timberlakes ad-libs “You are, you are the love of my life” from “The 20/20 Experience pt 1” song “Pusher Love Girl

FU guess what the two letters stand for? A fabulous jazz/ blues/waltz who could have fitted on Christina Aguileras “Back To Basics” album! Miley Cyrus sings fantastic. The dance drumbeat that build-up before the refrain makes a cool twist to the song. “French Montana” guests. The excellent productions on the song is produced by another unknown name for me Afuni. Gotta find out more about him… Lady Ga-Ga would have loved have sung FU!

Do My Thang is a bit M.I.A.Bad Girls” and Miley once again raps. The thin sharp hip hop drums; could I call this a syrupy rap-ballad? Will.I.Am produces, and has with this song taken a step back to his hip-hop roots again, instead of pumping club tracks like his latest production duties. A happy welcome back to Will.I.Am

Maybe You’re Right starts up with funky piano and drums before the big refrain kicks in and makes this a song Kelly Clarkson would love to release. Where Kelly Clarkson uses a guitar pop-rock production, Miley does it more street wise with pumping beats deep in the mix.

Someone Else is “Bangerz” club song, the floorfiller and the last track off the original album track list. A David Guetta/Will.I.Am inspired pumping club banger! The synths sound like a wake-up-alarm on a clock radio, weird but it works! Without doubt the weakest song on the album, too commercial, too let’s-make-a-song-you-can-swear-you-have-heard-a-thousand-times-before. the song could have fitted on a Justin Bieber album. Mike Will Made It who produces most of the album surprises with the club production in this song; Can the man produce any genre there is out there? A fabulous producer, we’re going to hear more from in the years to come!

miley-cyrus-23-music-video-650-430 The deluxe edition tracks are surprisingly good, and here’s the three bonus tracks reviewed…You´ll see why these are worth mentioned in this review.

Rooting For My Baby is the first song to feature acoustic guitar. The guitar parts sounds a little bit like Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer song “Lily Was Here“. It’s a ballad and Miley Cyrus sings like a young-unknown sister of Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac). Another lovely production by Pharell. It’s a shame they’re only available on the Deluxe Edition of “Bangerz”.

On My Own here you’ll meet an angry sounding Miley Cyrus. The bass line brings thoughts to “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes, until the funky Nile Rodgers inspired rhythm guitar kicks in. The background synths sounds and the backing vocals sounds like a lift off of “Little Lies” again a link to Fleetwood Mac. With all this references to other songs, it’s no surprise Pharell is the master of production once again!! The last song

Hands In The Air is an album filler. The second weak song on the album. A mid-tempo dub-step/club/rock track. The song could do without the Ludacris rap. A weak B-side, and a typical bonus track.


The “Bangerz” album is a much more grown up and laid-back affair than I first thought it would be. Without doubt, Miley has definitely grown with this album, and has made an album she should be proud of – an album that deserves to reach out to a more grown-up audience – and not only to the teens and tweens. It’s a brand new start for Miley, an album that should have a place on 2013s Best Of-lists when we sum up the year within a few months. The album redefines where Miley Cyrus and her music should be in 2013

…This review of Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” is based on the music and songs on the album. The album is damn addictive, and should be released with a warning that says “Highly addictive! Have a listen and stream “Bangerz” on Spotify here!

Until now: Not a word is mentioned about Miley Cyrus’ lifestyle, her at times weird behaviour, her personal scandals, her dope flirting, her twerking, her urge to stick her tongue out every time she gets a chance to – or her sudden need to take off her clothes whenever she gets a chance – and least not forget and her flirt with sex and a sexy image!

First because what I love about Miley Cyrus is her music (note: This is the first full Miley Cyrus album I could listen to from start to end – from her teenage career I enjoy a lot of her ballads and single tracks she has released here and there. Maybe I´ll post a Spotify playlist on this blog later?

Secondly, in general, artists controversial behaviour is a well-known PR-trick in the music business, and it works.
When Mileys Cyrus twerked over-the-top on Robin Thicke on VMA earlier this year, it became a viral hit just minutes after the stunt happened.
Miley undressed completely for her “Wrecking Ball” video and licks on a sledgehammer – it caused reactions – and she gets publicity.
In an interview Miley Cyrus did with Rolling Stone magazine she talks about what drugs she has tried or used – it causes off course newspaper headings.
When Miley trips around almost nude with just bits of plaster on her bits, people think she’s lost it.

An artists need and urge to span attention is a popular way to build new audience. Even if it sounds strange it works most of the time, heres some examples:
Think Madonna, around 1992 and her “Sex” book, where she strips off completely nude in a bunch of pictures, and flirts with both girls and boys in her “Justify My Love” video, Madonna had then turned 32 years old.
Rihanna, when she started flirting sex a super sexy image – and drugs in public photo shots  and spreading them herself on her Instagram account, the world speak about it.
When Britney Spears had her much published breakdown – attacking paparazzis, shaved off all her hair and she to totally have lost controll…her massive change made people and fans check out her music as soon as she had her comeback.
Lady Ga-Ga rolls herself i tar and feather – or dresses in raw meat, she seeks attention, and we all know damn well she gets it.


Miley Cyrus has almost lived her whole lift in the TV and music world. She knows how to work the press, and knows how the press works – because she’s born into the entertainment world! This combo and her controversial behavior makes “Bangerz” and the trademark Miley Cyrus a whole package; The pet everyone loves to hate.

miley-cyrus-bangerz-full-album-stream The press has in Miley Cyrus found someone they think it’s okay to love to hate. She is an artist who,  in everyone’s eyes, makes scandals wherever and whatever she does. Miley Cyrus has thanks to her latest stunts become this years Lana Del Rey; a darling of the press, the one everyone disses, and write rude and naughty comments about. An artist every one hates as a musician – and loves to push down the dirt. The official artist everyone loves to hate!

But Miley Cyrus – like Lana Del Rey did – rises above all bad publicity and negative comments and is strong enough to show the world; She have had last laugh at the end: Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” album has captured the number one spot of biggest music chart list of them all “Billboard”

If “Bangerz” by Miley Cyrus is the album of an artist on the verge of a mental breakdown, it’s without doubt one of the best breakdown album you’ll hear in years!

Prince’s latest single is out on iTunes!

Stop the press, who is that? His name is Prince!


The latest Prince single “Breakfast Can Wait” is being released on iTunes worldwide!

Download the brand new single here

Source: The 3rd Eye Girl Facebook page

John Mayers’ new album and surprising duet partners!

A brand new John Mayer record is just around the corner, and it´s called “Paradise Valley”.


What´s making his forthcoming album “Paradise Valley” even more interesting is his duet partners this time.

He has previously had duet partners like former girlfriend Taylor Swift (actually one line) in the song “Half Of My Heart” from “Battle Studdies” album, David Crosby and Grahamn Nash on “Queen of California” and “Born and Raised” (actually backing vocals) from the album with the same name as the latter.


This time he features two very different artists – both great vocalists in their genre – so I´ll look forward to hear what they both come up with, since none of them are normally categorized under the singer-songwriter/americana/blue-eyed soul sound John Mayer has made his trademark sound.

…And the duettpartners are;
Katy Perry and Frank Ocean!  

The pop starlet Katy Perry is visiting sixth track “Who You Love”

And second duet partner, soul artist, Frank Ocean guests on song 8th, a track called “Wildfire”.


Now thats two good reasons to even look more forward to the forthcoming John Mayer album “Paradise Valley”. The album by the way is said to follow the similar sound as the former album “Born And Raised”!

Check out the John Mayer homepage here
Follow John Mayer on Facebook here – and on Twitter here

The album “Paradise Valley” will be released

in september in Europe and August in the US

The Q&A: The etheral folk pop blues of Dana Williams

Sometimes a discribtion of ones genre fits like a hand in a glove. When I asked Dana Williams to describe her music to some one the first time the answered with just four words “etheral folk pop blues” hence the title on this interview & Question & Answer session with Dana Williams.



Dana is the daughter of the late David Williams (November 21, 50 – March 6, 2009), a popular sessions guitarist on albums and tours with famous artists like Michael Jackson (and The Jacksons), Madonna, The Temptations, Rod Stewart, Agretha Franklin, Paul McCartney, The Crusaders, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Michael McDonals to name a few, feel free to read the full list on Davids Williams wikipedia post. Even if her father played with some of the worlds biggest bands, and artists – and her music isn´t very directly influences, she sites her father as a great inspirastion for her career: “What made me want to make music was probably my dad. He was a rhythm guitar player, songwriter and producer and so growing up I was always around music. Watching him perform and watching his creative process really inspired me. He worked really hard at what he did and so that inspired me to work really hard at what I do”

Dana Williams has also a sister, Davida Williams, and she is a singer and a actress known for series “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” the famous sitcom with actor/rapper Will Smith, and been part of the teen sitcom Lizzie McGuire with Hillary Duff and more series and movies.


When you hear “Keep Me Waiting”, the debut single from Dana Williams, you hear a folk inspired voice classic soul inspired – voice, with hints of Duffy (remember her?), a thick layer of strings, piano, acustic guitars and trip hop inspired drums. All sounding like live instruments. Her vocal inspiration comes from Ella Fitzgerald, since falling inn love with her sound when she was young; “I really admire her skill and sound and so that really encouraged me to work on my vocal capabilities”

I even think I hear a little Corrine Bailey Rae in her voice and a bit Lion Babe´s vocalist Jillian Hervey & musician Lucas Goodman inspiration in her voice and sound, and when asking if she had heard and if there was any link between her and the duo she said “I have known Jillian of Lion Babe for a little while, she is a lovely person. I love their music but I wouldn’t say our vibes are similar. I guess you could say our vibes are similar, in that, they are new.” If you haven´t heard Lion Babe check out the blogpost about them here. Highly recommended if you like Dana Williams!


The sound of “Keep Me Waiting” is down earthy folk soul, and if this – or her future release will be released on vinyl I know I have to get it. Dana Williams is a young artists – and this shines through when I asked her about her prefered listening format; “The way we listen to music has changed so much as of recently and now that the internet has made everything so much more accessible, while I love listening to Vinyl on my record player, it is too easy to stream stuff online 😦 It’s all about immediate gratification”

On the other hand she´s a big fan of the really old legends of soul – because when I asked her who musician she would prefer working with – any living or dead – her answer was quite surprising “I think it would be cool to play with Sam Cooke. I think singing a duet with him would be awesome and satisfying, I love singing harmonies and his style is amazing”.

Check out Dana Williams on Facebook (all pictures in this blogpost are borrowed from her FB-page) – and on twitter – and her nice homepage and inspiring blog here

…And if i should conclude this Q&A session I guess the answer to Dana Williams classic folk-pop-soul sound, is the combination of her inspirations – the way and music format she prefers to listen to her influences, and then making up her own mix of music that sounds both old and new at the same time.

There will be more music from Dana Williams, she has a plan for her future “I plan on releasing an EP within the next couple of months. It will sound similar to the single I released “Keep Me Waiting”. “It was written by me and produced by Maxwell Drummey (Lauryn Hill) of Chester French and Dan Stringer so the sound is pretty consistent”.

“I am inspired by all sorts of musical genres and styles”.