The Star man, David Bowie (R.I.P)


This is Read+Hear to David Bowie…

You´ve stepped through the door. Now you´re floating in the most peculiar way. The stars looks very different for us today

Now you are sitting in your tin can. Far above the world. Planet Earth is blue. And there’s nothing we can do

Though you´re already past one hundred thousand miles above. We´re feeling very lost. Even if your spaceship knows which way to go. You told your family you love them very much, they know!

Read+Hear to David Bowie; Even if there’s no more sound from you. We can hear you, dear Bowie. We can still feel you, David Bowie. We can hear you…as you´re floating in your tin can. Far above the moon. Planet earth is blue. And there’s nothing more we can do.


May God’s love be with you



Re-edit of the lyrics to the David Bowie song “Space Oddity” by Read+Hear

Don´t believe the hype; Prince is back on the throne!


I did believe the hype! I bought the promo work that had been done for months before the release of the latest Prince album “HITnRUN” Everywhere you could read that the album was to be released exclusively on streaming service, the Jay Z owned Tidal. Some one at the PR-company of Tidal must have had the best laugh in their life. Exclusively on Tidal – sorry to say so – that’s bull…. and we bought and sadly still buys the hype!


Lets clear things up. The album HITnRUN was exclusively releases as Tidal-only release the 7th of september. Price latest album was released exclusively on Tidal for one week. I repeat for one week only! Exactly a week later, the 14th of september, the album HITnRUN was released on iTunes Store, where you could support the artist – and actually buy the version, instead of streaming only – and download it on you Apple product or PC. The album was released on CD the 15th of September. Probably vinyl also. The album is not possible to stream on Apple Music. As soon as I discovered the album was on iTunes I bought the album – and freaking love it!

The Tidal deal has made Prince releases all his albums on Tidal, including albums previous only available on his NPG Music Club. Albums that has only had a few listeners – can now be streamed exclusively on Tidal. It´s off course a fab way to release much sought after albums, and albums that has for long time been bootlegged (if you did not purchase the album through NPG Music Club back in the day). It’s fabulous to see all albums lined up. Every single album lined up on one place. That´s 36 albums buy the worlds biggest artist!

Spotify has no Prince albums. Itunes Store has “HITnRUN”, ART OFFICIAL AGE, PLECTRUMELECTRUM, and some of his ’00 albums, some of his ’90s albums, and all of his ’80 and ’70s albums in its catalogue. The winner his is without doubt Tidal!

To sum up this part; Prince “HITnRUN” is NOT only available on Tidal. You CAN purchase it on iTunes, you CAN purchase the physical copies. You can listen to the album (almost) wherever you like

PS! I do not have Tidal myself just to have every single album by Prince in one place, but have Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions + I own every album released physically up to “20TEN” on CD, and Vinyl. The three latest Prince releases have been bought on iTunes! 



So how does “HITnRUN” sound? The album sounds like a Prince album pimped up with todays sounds. It’s unmistakingly a Prince album, even though he has co-production on the album by Joshua Welton. Josh Welton did also co-produce the Art Official Age album. For a long time Prince fan it made my jaw drop to the floor. Prince – gets production help – what happened! Actually not much, Josh has without doubt the musical legacy of Prince in his blood. It sounds unmistakably like a Prince record – with hints of ’90s and ’00 house and club music. The help from Joshua Welton has spawned very much attention – and some roll the dice and gives the album a 1 – others give it a 6, on the other side the Prince albums of the ’90s and early ’00s has been getting mixed reviews. It’s something we have learned to live with when it comes to Prince and his releases.

Being a Prince fan one may think that every record Prince release is pure gold and class. But no, there has been both misses and hits in his catalogue. In my Prince-loving heart it has been 11 years since the release of a classic Prince album, Musicology. You may disagree with me, and that’s no problem for me! 

Prince steals from his own catalogue; Where and what is up to the listener to find out my findings is My Name Is Prince, Get On The Boat, Screams of Passion, Papa, 80s Prince, 90s Prince, ’70s prince. He borrows from modern soul stars like Miguel, Justin Timerlake, Pharrell, Dornik, D’angelo who again has Prince as their musical muse. 90s house, 70s disco, Dubstep  Prince tweaks his own voice, auto tune – but he is doing it with class and style, and not letting it take over the sounds every one knows as Prince. An all female league guests the album Lianne La Havas, Judith Hill, Rita Ora and Curly Fryz!

Thanks to Josh Welton Prince dares to flirt and spice up his unmistakably Princesque production. HITnRUN sounds like an album prince has been working to release the last 10 years. From 3121, Planet Earth, LotusFlow3r / MPLSound, 20Ten, Plectrumelectrum and to Art Official Age – if you rip those albums apart bit by bit, and put them carefully together again as one album – you’ll get HITnRUN! Princes latest album is the sound of Prince having fun!


Prince sum up his HITnRUN best on the intro to the first track, were he samples his own For You, 1999 and Let’s Go Crazy;

All of this and more is for you…
Don’t worry I won’t hurt you I only want you to have some fun…
Dearly beloved we´re gathered here today to this thing called…

So freakin’ wierd – so damn cool!

What happended in the 80s?
People talk about all the shit people got into them in the 60s – have someone ever tried to find out what drugs did they took in the 80s?

Thanks to Azelia Banks track «Hood Bitch» I discovered the almost nursery rhymin-alike melody to the track «Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight» by the duo Lime, a synth pop duo from Montréal, Canada. Then it was that raw kinda soulful male vocal, I bet was a sample from some Four Tops outtake or something. But no, the thing was; Azelia Banks was sample both the melody and vocal from the Lime track.


The thing about Lime´s original song is that the melody is kinda cool – and so is the vocal to. The bands two vocalists were husbond and wife Denis and Denyse LePage. The husbond Denis has on this track this macho raw soulful vocals you hear on Four Tops records like «Reach Out I´ll Be There» and the wifes vocals is kinda like Kate Bush on helium. It´s wierd like hell, but somehow it works as a package, especially on this bouncy disco synth track!
There has been rumors about all the vocal part is done by Denyse, while Denis lipsyncs his vocals. How they did this live must only God knows!

What really freaks me out about this band is the video to «Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight». First of all, the song and video is from 1982 – and it’s their official video to the track!

Have you seen the music video yet?
Maybe you now understands why I asked on top of this post, self-quote follows; «What drugs did they take in the 80s»?

Here you´ll get shiny fake silk shirts, an soon-to-be-bold man with a pony tail, you’ll get a female in a kimono like white fake-silk thing with a blue belt, they both do a lovely dad-dance you just gotta love!

What else is there? A synth solo, flashing stars, split screen experiments, and glowing colorful early music video effects you also have to love!

Last but not least it looks like the odd couple is having fun, take note of how many times they seem to be start laughing! Count’em if you like!

Seeing this video does make me think about how important music videos has become for artists to promote their music. If someone would be making a music video like this these days, it would only be seen as ironic or a tribute to the really crap music videos the made back in the days!


Some more facts about Lime and Mr & Mrs Denis and Denyse LePage:
Lime has released 11 albums the first one in 1981 and the latest in 2002. The track «Babe, We´re Gonna Love Tonight» is taken from their second album – called just «Lime II». In 1988 the couple divorced and Denis LePage chose to continue the band with various vocalists.

And here’s where things get really wierd;
While writing this posts I found out that the singers of the band were not Denis og Denyse, but to other singers named Chris Marsh and Joy Doris – and they later those two toured and performed as Lime. I a later installment of Lime Chris Marsh would be replaced by Rob Hubertz.

Some more odd «facts”; Rumors even had it that Denis & Denyse wasn´t even a husbond / wife group but brother and sister!

…And hold on, there’s even more; Denis LePage, the writer and producer from the original Lime is still in the musicbusiness making music as transsexual act Nini Nobless (sic)

who is lime
Will the real LIME please stand up…? Please stand up!

Now what!
There´s so much loose threads in the history of Lime it would be cool if someone could tell me the real story of the band, some one like Denis LaPage aka Nini Nobless, Denyse LePage (maybe not that lastname now?), Chris Marsh or Joy Doris aka Joy Winter. That would have been so damn cool!

Untill the real story of Lime appears will be I scratching my head, while wondering who was the band Lime???
I still enjoy their second album on my stereo and boost it up to 11 everytime «Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight» comes on!

Who were Lime?
This part is very interesting and wikipedia


Today we remember Bobby Womack

The sad news of soul legend Bobby Womack passing away felt like a hit in the face. The man passed away friday the 27th of June 2014 – and this is my short little tribute to one of my favorite soul singers.


When I hear the name, Bobby Womack, the song “Across 110th Street” is the first song that pops up into my mind.


Quentin Tarantino brought this soul classic to peoples mind by including the song in his crime-blaxploitation-movie Jackie Brown, a movie adaption of Elmore Leonards novel “Rum Punch


The whole soundtrack to “Across 11th Street” is avaliable on YouTube, you can even watch the whole movie here!


This is how I remember Bobby Womack, may he rest in peace.
You´ll won´t be forgotten!

Q&A: Bob Frank, interview with a cult hero

He was young, he was once called “the new Bob Dylan”, he released one self titled album.
The album has since then become a much sought after collectors item.
He has became a cult hero – and is probably one of the best singer-songwriters you have never heard*.

The year was 1972.

His name is Bob Frank…

But he didn´t dissapear, he was always there, writing songs, playing music. And he started recording again almost 30 years after his cult album “Bob Frank” was released and has since then recorded 7 albums all in all.

This Q&A interview with Bob Frank is mostly about his debut “Bob Frank”, a bit about how his life has been, and how remarkably little the record industry has changed since 1972

Bob Frank  Bob Frank
Click on the album cover to listen to Bob Franks debut!

-Back in 1972, you´d released you self titled debut album. How was the process to record this album?
The album was put together by Cletus Haegert and Gary Walker. They picked the songs and they produced it. I just sat in the studio and drank wine and smoked weed and sang the songs, over and over again, until they were happy with it. Then they got some great musicians to add the finishing touches, Charlie McCoy on harmonica, Buddy Spicher on fiddle, Eric Weissberg on guitar, and Russell George on bass. So the overall sound of the album was achieved by Clete and Gary.

-It seem like you have a narrative going trough the album, would you call it a concept album? If´s so could you tell more about the concept?
Well, at the time, it was not any specific concept, other than a bunch of story songs, little vignettes. Like I say, Gary and Clete picked the songs. If there was any concept there, it was theirs.

-You were called “the new dylan” back in the days – was this something that caused a lot of pressure for you and your career?
Not really. I was never anything like Dylan actually, other than, we both wrote songs and played the guitar and sang. I don’t think we were very similar in the way we did this.

bob frank
Please, send me link if you know where this picture is borrowed from, thanks!

-It seemed like your career took a quick stop after your debut, and your album has been a much sought after collectors item. What happened?
One thing that happened was, at the release party at Max’s Kansas City in New York, I refused to play any of the songs on the album. I did this because Maynard Solomon at Vanguard had promised me that he would not release the album unless I was totally satisfied with it, but in fact, there were a couple of things I wanted him to do that he never did, so I figured “two can play at this game.” So to “get even” with him, I figured I wouldn’t play the songs from the album at that gig. It was a dumb thing to do. As Jim Dickinson said, “Not a good career move.” Basically, it ended my “career” before it ever got started. Vanguard didn’t ship any more of the albums, other than the ones they’d already shipped. So it was only in a few places that people heard it. Mostly in North Carolina and KFAT, a radio station in Gilroy, California. Also, some places down south, in Arkansas and Texas.

-I read somewhere that you were dubbed something like «the greats singer-songwriter you´ve never heard of» (was it Rolling Stone magazine?) how is it to get a title like this? Jim Dickinson gave me that title. It was one of his unique sayings. He had a lot of ’em. I thought it was perfect, fit me like a glove, so I put it on my website. My “music career” is mostly a joke anyway, so it is very appropriate to have a joke for a motto.

-Close to 30 years after your debut, you did a comeback in 2001 with «A Little Gest of Robin Hood» what made you come back, and start recording again? I was retiring from my regular job doing irrigation work for the City of Oakland, and my intention was to get that “music career” going again…. I always considered myself a professional songwriter, even though I never made any money at it. arkansas
-You have recorded and released 7 albums, , since your comeback, do you feel your fans buy your records after they discovered you in 00´s or is there old fans, who followed you from the start, who still follows you and your career?
Both. Although, not very many of either.

-There was 30 years between your debut and your second album – and much has happened in the music industry since then. Do you feel its easier to write and record music in the 00´s or was it easier back in the 70s
It’s easier now. Now, everybody makes an album, a CD. You can do it at home, in the living room. You can put it on CDBaby and Youtube, promote it yourself through the internet, and make some sort of living at it, seems like. Before, you had to have a big record label pick you up and produce you and promote you. There wasn’t much room for you then. They only took a few artists to do that with. The rest of them had to get a day job.

-What were you doing in the years between ’72-01? Were you still writing music, thinking about writing music?
I’ve always been writing songs. It’s a habit I started early in life and have never been able to shake. Not that I ever wanted to…. Anyway, yes, I’ve always been doing that. I write songs in my sleep. “Judas Iscariot” was written in my sleep. In a dream.

-It’s often said that musicians have music in their blood, meaning they have to share their stories. Are your feeling it the same way?
I’m not really a “musician.” I write songs and play the guitar. I never could play it the way most songwriters and folk singers do it, with that Cotton picking, or Travis picking. Never could do that. So I developed my own way to do it. Sounds more like I’m playing a harp than a guitar. But I’m very happy with it now. Mainly, I leave out a lot of notes and just play the ones that convey an emotion. I write songs with people in mind. One individual person per song, usually. I write ’em like I’m singing it to one person, make it something I know they would like to hear. But of course, I want everybody else to hear them too, and like them. That’s all a part of it. But I never do anything to actually get anybody else to hear them. Somebody else has to line up gigs for me. I was never any good at doing that. I go to a few folk festivals, in Arizona mostly, where the people like to hear my songs, and other than that, “I just stay home, laying in a chair, that’s about as far as they’ll get, right there.”

-Do you feel it´s easier to reach out to the music lovers out there these days than it was back in the 70s? Has your fans changed?
I think it’s pretty easy to reach music lovers these days, what with the internet and all. People you never heard of contact you via email (like you did) and boom! there’s a connection. Never had that back in the old days. My “fans” (all 6 of them) are probly the same sort of people I attracted back in the 70’s. People who see the sacred in the profane. Mystical misfits. Rednecks and dope fiends. Soldiers and anarchists. Your normal human beings. “The usual suspects.”

-What do you think is the future of music, will we go back to the physical formats like we see these days, where we see vinyl is the hotted medium these days. Will the CD die?
I have no idea. I was never interested in subjects like that. I just like to write songs.

Bob Frank today
Bob Frank, picture borrowed from his homepage

-If you listen to music digitally – like streams, what are your favorite source to finding new music/inspiration?
I never listen to music, unless a friend sends me a recording of a new song he or she wrote. Actually, I don’t care anything about music. I’d rather listen to a sports talk show.

-And the last question, is as always in these Q&A interviews; What are your musical inspiration? And what are your all-time favorite albums?
My musical inspiration came from rock songs in the ’50s. Groups like the Drifters, or Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, etc. And also from old cowboy songs. Like all kids who grew up in the 50’s, I listened to Gene Autry. Dickinson said, “If it weren’t for Gene Autry, there never would have been Elvis.” So I also listened to Elvis, too, but mainly his ballads. The songs I liked best were the pretty songs, not the fast ones, not the blues, but songs like “Teen Angel” or the Everly Brothers. Another big influence on me was Jimmie Driftwood. Look him up. His “career” was a lot like mine. Had an album out when he was young, then nothing for thirty years. Then, “The Battle of New Orleans.” Also, Jimmie Rodgers, the “yodeling brakeman” from Mississippi. Also, the Irish singers, the Clancy Brothers. For awhile there, in the early ’60’s, they were my favorite group. After that, it was just old folk songs, cowboy songs, and so on. One of my strongest influences was Jim Dickinson. I don’t have any all time favorite albums. I like a lot of them, but like I say, I don’t listen to any of them any more.

Maybe I just got my heart broken by music, so I don’t trust it any more. It’s not a true source of happiness. When you die, it won’t help you at all.

*Quote by Jim Dickinson taken from Bob Franks homepage. All photos borrowed from Bob Franks self titled cult debut can be heard on Spotify – Bought on iTunes or BUY THE PHYSICAL COPY FOR THE REAL EXPERIENCE on vinyl and CD from any good retailer!

Prince at Arsenio Hall

March the 5th, soul-rock legend Prince took over the Arsenio Hall show – and here’s some of the performances Prince and his bands played an snippet of his chats with Arsenio Hall and the tv-shows audience!

Prince at Arsenio Hall
Please don’t touch Prince’s hair!

Song premiere “FUNKNROLL”

When was the last time Prince watched Purple Rain or bought something off a infomercial

Liv Warfield performs “Soul Lifted” 

Prince & 3rd Eye Girl perform “She Is Always In My Hair”

Prince Breaks up a couple

Prince & The New Power Generation perform “Mutiny”

Prince reveals his favourite song and why he doesn’t have a cellphone

All clips and photos, the texts and the links lead you to the Arsenio Hall´s webpage!

Remember, you can follow Prince and 3rd Eye Girl here and on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and on YouTube
You can also follow Arsenio Hall here on Twitter, Facebook

The funkiest man…in heaven

James Brown is the root to many a song and sample, and this is my unhidden love for of his breakbeats and funkbreaks

Breakbeats has been used for years, and samples from artists like James Brown, Lyn Collins, Graham Central Station, The Shadows to mention the most well-known names. But today is about James Brown, the original roots of hip hop!

Definition of sound: Breakbeat


Its freakin´ great to see that young artists today again has started to use drum loops and the drum samples that sounds as timeless and funky today as they sounded way back then.

Have a listen to the the brand new Destiny´s Child track “Nuclear”

They lift the drum break off Lyn Collins “Think” with great success, and the man behind Lyn Collins? James Brown, the funkiest man in heaven! The original drum track is from 1972 (that´s 2 years before got born) and for fun I did a WhoSampled search for the track and found it had been sampled more than 550 times. That´s many hours of music!

Still listening to the beats again now over 40 years later – they still sounds so cool and so goddamn funky! Now that´s what I call timeless high quality breakbeat!

Emeli Sande has used breakbeats with great success, listen to the funky beats off her already classic “Heaven” and have a listen to Katy Bs “Bitches Brew” both of those tracks makes me want to rewind my old tapes, pick up my MiniDisc and LPs and have a new listen to them again and again and again.

If I should rewind a bit more, i´d choose to stop the tape on the “Funky Drummer” and tracks like:

  • Fine Young Cannibals greatest timeless single “I´m Not The Man I Used To Be”
  • Sinead O´Connors “I Am Stretched On Your Grave”
  • George Michael “Waiting For That Day” and “Freedom ´90”
  • David Bowies “Fame ´90 Hip Hop Mix”
  • Candy Flips “Strawberry Fields Forever”
  • Stone Roses “Fools Gold”
  • LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out”

And this is just a handful of tracks that lifts it´s drumbreak from James Browns “Funky Drummer” from 1970 – or check out the even better “Funky Drummer Bonus Beats Reprise” a track that uses just the drum break. A breakbeat that has been sampled more by more than 600 different artists – and this is just the tracks that is registered in the WhoSampled database.

When the beats are being re-released through artists today they get eternal life for the new generation of musiclisteners – and for generations to come!

The list of great drum breaks is endless – so would this blogpost have been if i should mention them all. So i choose to count it down like James Brown would have done – a one, two, three, four – and stop!

Elvis Presley was a hero to most…!

Louis Armstrong “Wonderful World”

Marvin Gaye “What´s Goin´On”

Bob Dylan “The Times Are-A-Changing”

John Lennon “Imagine”

Prince “Sign´O´The Times”

Curtis Mayfield “Hard Times”

…And this is just a few of many songs with a deeper meaning – something to tell the listener, having an agenda – a political message!

Today Elvis Presley would have been 78 years old. It´s 35 years since he passed away too soon back in 1977.


When it comes to songs with a deeper meaning. Everyone knows his fantastic “In the Ghetto” but Elvis Presleys version of “If I Can Dream” is never mentioned in the company of the aforementioned songs.

Elvis was a hero to most, but he has never, as far as I know, got known for the deeper meaning in “If I Can Dream”.

On his could-have-been 78th birthday it´s time to give Elvis the respect he deserves. For making the song his own, for showing his soul – and for ripping his voice apart like I have never heard before!

This is Elvis at his best and strongest in one of his greatest performances ever!

Here are the lyrics…

There must be lights burning brighter somewhere
Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue
If I can dream of a better land
Where all my brothers walk hand in hand
Tell me why, oh why, oh why can’t my dream come true
Oh why
There must be peace and understanding sometime
Strong winds of promise that will blow away
All the doubt and fear
If I can dream of a warmer sun
Where hope keeps shining on everyone
Tell me why, oh why, oh why wont that sun appear
Were lost in a cloud
With too much rain
Were trapped in a world
That’s troubled with pain
But as long as a man
Has the strength to dream
He can redeem his soul and fly
Deep in my heart there’s a tremblin question
Still I am sure that the answer gonna come somehow
Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle, yeah
And while I can think, while I can talk
While I can stand, while I can walk
While I can dream, please let my dream
Come true, ohhhhh, right now
Let it come true right now
Oh yeah

Elvis was a hero to most – and is still today to me…A hero!

Prince, Larry Graham and Raphael Saadiq

News about Prince – is always important – so here you go!

Funk legend Larry Graham releases a new album the 25th of September. The album is called “Rise Up” and features a guest appearance by his long time friend Prince and Raphael Saadiq. The last album was “GCS2000” and was recorded on Princes NPG Records label

My weak spot when it comes to Larry Grahams is the classic album by his band Graham Central Station “Mirror”

You can listen to Graham Central Station “Mirror” here!

“Mirror” is a funky album full of Larry Grahams legendary slap bass playing. The funk, disco, ballads, and a mix of everything cool! The album “Mirror” is also full of references to the bible and Jehovah Witness – a religion Prince also has been a huge part of his life the last years!

This blogpost is not about religious views, but about music. About great music and two legends working together. Because Prince, according to the rumors, who has decided not to record any more albums before music piracy is under control, is back in on album, but only as guest artist, on Larry Grahams upcoming album. According to the No Treble webpage Prince will be playing drums, keyboards and vocals og three of the albums 13 songs, which consists 3 remade Graham Central Station classics and 10 new Larry Graham tracks.

Prince will be doing his stuff on the title track “Rise Up”, “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” and “Movin´” – Raphael Saadiq joins in on the albums last track “One Day”

The webpage calls the album “Rise Up” almost a concept album full of songs of “hope, encouragement and calls to action”

I become so happy to see that Prince is actually playing on an album again, and hope he decide to make a albums of his own soon! Feel free to tip me if you heard any rumors?

The Ballad(s) of Jimi Hendrix

When I say Jimi Hendrix? Whats the first thing that pops into your mind?
I, myself, think things like – guitar hero, legend, how would he sound today, guitar playing with his teeth, “All Along The Watchtower” a song he made his (sorry Mr Bob Dylan) to name but a few things I thought about!

That´s not the only thing I think about when someone mentions his name – i immediately start to hum for myself “Hey Joe” or “Little Wing”. His ballads – because it has to be said, I have a weak spot for his ballads, if they can be called that. His slower songs maybe? No, I call them ballads even if they are not like contemporary ballads with acoustic instruments and sitting-by-the-fireplace-on-the-beach-with-friends-and-sing-along-all-night songs!

Jimi played his ballads like he played his rock songs;
With enormous energy. His rock songs he could make his guitar sound like a machine-gun (see: “Machine Gun”), he could make his guitar speak (see “Still Raining, Still Dreaming”), he could make his guitar sound like a train (See: “Third Stone From The Sun”. There was no limits to what Jimi Hendrix could do with his six stringed friend (which was a right-handed guitar, but he played left-handed). He could played rock and hard rock, he played psychedelic tracks, and he played jazz and the blues. Jimi could and did play both the rhythm guitar parts of his songs + all the guitar solos – without no one even noticing and thinking about that all guitar sounds on the song were made by the same guitar player. Like I said earlier, there was no limitations!

What this blogpost is about;
Jimi Hendrix ballads, because he was (also) a fantastic performer when he slowed down a bit. When he dared sit down (at least that what it sounds like he did) and really feel the songs. When Jimi played ballads his voice became more focused, he sounded relaxed, he showed his smooth(er) side – he dared show his soul – his blues.
Even in his ballads, Jimi Hendrix and his band had this restless thing, that makes his ballads more jazzy and funky than your average ballad. With a drummer, Mitch Mitchell, that played as funky as James Browns drummer, Clyde Stubblefield, at times – and with  bass and guitars that sounds like they want to speed things up and really wants just to party hard(er). But still they manage to tie the knot together and make some of the best songs ever written and played by a Guitar God and his band.

The search for Jimi Hendrix ballads;
I have lost count how many times I have done searches in record-stores (back in the days when we went there to find music – these days they sell more movies and games than music) for an album that collects all Jimi Hendrix ballads. When we got internet i´d done numerous searches from time to tome through the years  – to see if anyone have released a record with Jimi Hendrix best ballads. But I have to say; without any luck. I repeat; No one has never ever released an album with all of Jimi Hendrix best ballads. No record company, no playlist. (Take note Jimi Hendrix estate!).

It could have been done easily – if someone with a CD-burner (are some one still using these?) and some good photoediting/design skills and a good copy machine – to make their own “Jimi Hendrix – The Ballads” compilation with CD-cover et all. That would have been bootlegging or piracy and not to forget an unofficial record. That´s something I don’t support! I would love to have an original CD or LP with Jimi Hendrix ballads. A albums that had been compiled and approved by his estate and record company!

Since we have streaming services for music, like Spotify (I prefer Spotify as my music streaming service) and to name a couple of these. It´s easy to make your own playlist or mixtape. I did manage to make my own Jimi Hendrix ballad album, so left me introduce to you:

Jimi Hendrix “The Ballad(s) of Jimi Hendrix”
Some of you might guessed the title of the album by the header of this blogpost?

About this homemade album; When I did compile this mixtape I first concentrated on the official Jimi Hendrix albums, the albums he gave out before his all to early death in 1970, then I sorted out the best slow jams from his posthumous albums.
Jimi Hendrix gave out the following albums during his lifetime; “Are Your Experienced?” 1967, “Axis: Bold As Love” 1967, “Electric Ladyland” 1968 and a greatest hits album (with the singles he had released so far) “Smash Hits” was released 1968 (before “Electric Ladyland” was released). His first posthumous album was called “Cry Of Love” and was released just in short time after his death.

Jimi also become only 27 y.o., like his music colleagues( starting with the letter J) from the same time, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison to mention a few). Jimi Hendrix was said to be killed in his sleep by a mix of 9 sleeping pills and some wine.

Back to the album I compiled;
I managed to squeeze in 21 tracks, in a little more than an hour (2 short CDs)
21 Jimi Hendrix ballads that goes from short instrumental intro, to only acoustic guitar, a little trip into the blues and soul of Jimi Hendrix, A few instrumentals, A great amount of songs using the weather as metaphors, great songs about (lost) love and a couple of acoustic/unreleased tracks.

The song count goes as follows
4 tracks from “Are Your Experienced”
4 tracks from “Axis: Bold As Love”
3 tracks from “Electric Ladyland”
4 tracks from “Valleys Of Neptune” (“Cry Of Love”)
1 track  from “First Rays Of The New Rising Sun” (“Rainbow Bridge” (soundtrack)
1 track  from “Valleys Of Neptune”
2 tracks from “Blues”
2 tracks from “South Saturn Delta”

The track list goes as follows, in order from eldest to newest albums.
If you use other services than Spotify, here’s a little guidance of which tracks to use to compile your very own Jimi Hendrix “The Ballad(s) Of Jimi Hendrix”

Side A (or CD1)

  1. Hey Joe
  2. May This Be Love
  3. Wind Cries Mary
  4. Red House
  5. Electric Ladyland
  6. Burning of Midnight Lamp
  7. Moon Turn The Tides
  8. Little Wing
  9. Castles Made Of Sand
  10. One Raining Wish

Side B (or CD2)

  1. Bold As Love
  2. Drifting
  3. My Friend
  4. Angel
  5. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
  6. Belly Button Windows
  7. Sweet Angel (Unreleased track)
  8. Midnight Lightning
  9. Crying Blue Rain
  10. Hear My Train Coming
  11. Once I Had A Woman

Listen to the whole compilation of Jimi Hendrix “The Ballad(s) of Jimi Hendrix here!

Do you know or miss any Jimi Hendrix slow jams in the playlist?

Which Jimi Hendrix track is your personal favorite?