Q&A: Eddie Gomez – On a constant quest for knowledge and inspiration!

…And then there was fall!
This summer has gone too fast, but we have been happy to fill our ears with both new and old music. One of this years most played artists is a cool dude from Los Angeles. His name is Eddie Gomez. Eddie streams his songs through Soundcloud, and the song “Nothing Like This Love”, released by may 2014. Short time later it was followed by the Eddie Gomez EP “Retro-Fitted”

EG_NOTHING LIKE_ALBUM_04.11-2 (1)Check out “Nothing Like This Love” on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/eddie-gomez/nothing-like-this-love

If one should try to give Eddie Gomez a musical label, it would be singer-songwriter, with a dash of soul, a hint of Motown, mixed with hip hop. It was not to easy to give the artist just one label, so we decided to do a Q&A interview to get to know Eddie Gomez a little better.

When hearing your music, we hear younger soulful singer-songwriters like James Morrison, Jamie Cullum, Bernhoft, James Arthur, Allen Stone in your music. Who is your biggest musical influences?

– Wow…first of all, thank you for the compliment! Those are some really talented musicians. My Influences go back a little further and are all across the board. Bill Withers, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Boys ll Men, Lauren Hill,and John Legend. But that is only one aspect of my music. I truly believe that you can take something positive from all genres of music and use it to create something new and original.

When writing lyrics, are the lyrics inspired by your own experiences or is it just fiction?

– I think a good songwriter can take his/her emotions and turn it into a song, but the great ones can take the stories or emotions of others and create a timeless work of art, and I strive to be one of the greats.

What are your process when writing and recording a song?

– Before I write a song I sit in my studio and listen to old record and artists from previous generations. I’m always on a constant quest for knowledge and inspiration.  From there it really varies on the song, and like they say, ” there’s no right way to eat a Reeses”

When was the first time your really felt like, “Yes this – music – is what I´m going to do for a living!”

– Music never came easy to me.  It was always something I had to work hard at. If it wasn’t for my family’s encouragement I don’t think I would have looked to music as a creative outlet nor career.  It wasn’t until I wrote my first song when I knew that music was going to be a big part of my life.

Are there plans for a full album in the near future? When can we expect it?

– You can expect my next single very soon, along with my next body of work.

Skjermbilde 2015-09-05 kl. 23.36.39
Have a listen to “Retro-Fitted EP here https://soundcloud.com/eddie-gomez/sets/eddie-gomez-ep-1

The song «Someday” has a cool ambience that sounds like it was recorded in a café or if someone is speaking while you record the track – what is this sound?

– The whole vibe I wanted to portray in that song and the picture I wanted to paint was a bunch of friends on a front porch jamming out, talking about life, and having a good time. The sound that you hear in the background of that track is me trying to create that with layering my voice in different ways.

Do you do everything by yourself, instruments, productions…everything? What instruments are you playing

– I write and produce my own songs. But I will always ask for help when I need it. I also play a few instruments but my main one is guitar.

Could you (artists) reach their audience without social media today?

– Social media does not make you an artist. You are an artist with or without it. But I do believe that social media allows you to reach further than you ever could in the past.

What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media to reach out to your fans; discuss!

– I think the advantages of social media are again, reaching a bigger audience sooner and faster than ever amongst other great advantages, but one of the disadvantages I think, is that it makes artists and celebrities more accessible. I miss the days where celebrities had a sense of mystery, which made them feel like some sort of super hero.

Where do your see yourself in lets say, 5 years time?

– I honestly haven’t thought that far ahead, but I wish to still be creating and writing, but on a much bigger scale.

What is the biggest, as in coolest, thing you have experienced as a musician or with one (or more) of your songs

– Every opportunity that has come my way has been a blessing and equally as important to me and my career.

In all Read+Hear Q&As I do, the last questions always is; what albums /artists are your all time favorites?

– This is a hard question and will always change depending on my mood. But these are the albums I will always go back to.

* Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrel’s “Greatest Hits”
* Laruryn Hill “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”
* Amy Winehouse “Back To Black”
* Adele “21”

Eddie Gomez high res (1)

Tempted to check out even more music by Eddie Gomez? Make sure you check out his Soundcloud profile; https://soundcloud.com/eddie-gomez

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