Bo Saris: What a voice!

Just discovered this fantastic soul singer today



There is so many fantastic white soul voices out there and this is a new one for me. Makes me think of late great Curtis Mayfield. Funky and soulful – make me want more and more!

Check out the Bo Saris homepage here.
You can even follow him on Facebook and Twitter
He even has his own YouTube channel

Look forward to hear more and follow the evolution of Bo Saris!

2 thoughts on “Bo Saris: What a voice!

    1. Thank you – that was one of the best compliments ever.

      Like you I look forward to check out even more about the fab Bo Saris – ´cos like I said: What a voice!

      Feel free to send med tips me if you stumble upon something new from Bo.

      Sadly I cant seem to find any downloads on iTunes yet!


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