A quickie: Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus

Hit warning!

Israeli Dubstep producer and DJ Borgore teams up, with none other than, Miley Cyrus for his latest release “Decisions”

The Borgore song features Miley Cyrus on backup-vocals and she even appears in the video.

See the video here

The song is a sing-a-long dubstep flirt – with the chorus that goes “B….es Love Cake”.

With Miley Cyrus appearing in both song and video including the controversial lyrics; because we all know the magic trick of having an explicit word (or two) in the lyrics, instant hit! Add pumping beats with dubstep screams and squelches and a video with a good old cake fight and the is track doomed to become a real floor filler!

Hear it right here and now!

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