Jem Warren vs John Mayer

It’s maybe like av battle between David vs Goliath this small fight between the debutant Jem Warren vs the established artist that is John Mayer

Jem Warren vs John Mayer
Lets get ready to rumble!
Play album in Spotify by clicking the cover!
Play album in Spotify by clicking cover!
It may be unfair but hey! It’s just for fun.

They both released their records within a couple of weeks. John Mayer releases his 5th studio album “Born & Raised” and Jem Warren released his debut album “Heart Knows How”
The cool thing is that both artist have a quite similar genre mix; Americana, folk – with a large dash of singer-songwriter. So there is some likeness there.

They both sounded like they have the time of their life in the studio.

Jem Warren has released as mentioned earlier – his first album – and this has become a really great record, full of fabulous writing and real songwriting – all songs and lyrics by Jem himself! This has to be one of this years strongest debut-album. Give the album time – and it´ll stick like glue. I´ll never tire of the album – even if I’m listening to it time after time – even several plays per day!

This album should be a real door opener for Jems future!
I really hope people open their eyes and give him a spin or two…Do you hear radio stations?

The last album om John Mayer is probably his best ever. The man seems to be a source of non-stop writing potential singles. Not one song of the album sound out of place! It´s really fabolous!
John has had a mighty trilogy with the album “Continuum” – made his most pop and AOR album in “Battle Studies”, and comes back with av bomb of a album with “Born & Raised”

Even is both Jem and John have their own voices and their own sound – these two albums can be played back-to-back without it feeling wierd or out of place! To really high quality albums you should check out!

Jem Warrens “Heart Knows How” vs John Mayer “Born & Raised” 
Since both albums is really good in their own way – this battle ends with no losers, only two winners!

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